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Hi there 👋 🌼 Welcome to Empact. Our story is simple but powerful: Empact was born out of a vision to turn empathy into action. A rebellion against apathy and inaction. At Empact, we nurture the seeds of compassion and grow them into actions that alleviate suffering.

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These are critical areas where Empact could really use your help:

  1. Pro bono legal expertise to help navigate charity fundraising laws.
  2. Collaboration with a talented web designer.
  3. Work with impact producers enthusiastic about our mission.
  4. Partnerships with impact media makers, including documentary filmmakers, docuseries creators, journalists, etc.
  5. Insight from fundraising experts.

Share your interest with us!

Let us know on Discord 👋

Join our Discord server and tell us directly about your interest in volunteering with Empact. We'd love to hear from you!

You can also email us at or reach us at @empactfyi on Instagram 💛

Empact is a labor of love

If you believe in our mission and want to help, reach out to us, pronto! Your support is like the plot twist we've been waiting for 🦸 DM @empactfyi on Instagram for rapid responses.

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Let's craft compelling narratives of change together.