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This Is Not Financial Advice

Campaign for financial literacy

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This Is Not Financial Advice (TINFA) exposes the startling risks and rewards of today’s market through expert commentary and the anxiety-inducing stories of real people trying to make millions. TINFA’s impact campaign provides an entertaining and educational entry point for people to learn life-changing financial skills and to better understand their relationships to money. In an era where investing has become dominated by social media, these lessons have never been more important.

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We are inviting you, individuals and corporate donors who share our passion for financial education to help us:• Reach 1 million young adults with the film and empower them with financial tools.• Provide 3 million students with educational materials, focusing on individuals in low-income communities.• Spark collaborations between traditional financial institutions and communities most in need of empowerment.Thank you for being a part of the Optimist family and we hope to hear from you about the issues and stories that you're most passionate about!

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