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The Last Ecstatic Days

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A documentary 🎥 about a man with brain cancer who uses viral social media posts to discover a death-care community. What unfolds is a journey of teaching the world how to see and sit with fear, transforming it into acceptance, love, and the ultimate care.

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Close your eyes and imagine a space where empathy surrounds the tender moments of life’s closure.🤍 By supporting The Last Ecstatic Days, you’re not just giving; you’re extending a comforting hand to everyone—including yourself, navigating the delicate path ahead.Here are our goals for 2024 to make a canvas where empathy paints the way forward for end-of-life care:

1. Train and empower 50 death doulas to provide free end-of-life care.

We work in close collaboration with our impact partner, CCLD, in hosting workshops that teach and enhance the quality of end-of-life care.

2. Organize ten immersive musical "Grief Happenings” around the country.

These events (such as our heart-centered musical at LEAF retreat joined by a devoted Indian musician, Native American flutist, and Appalachian roots musician) serve as therapeutic spaces to explore the wisdom of grief while healing through music.

3. Host 20 Institute of Psychedelics and Death panels.

We bring together experts in conscious, holistic psychedelic, death, & adjacent practices (including Leonard Pickard - renown LSD chemist, Vince Kadlubek - cofounder of Meow Wolf) in discussions that promote a deeper understanding of this ecosystem.Join us in shaping a future where end-of-life experiences are filled with empathy, healing and community 🌎

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